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Aerial photography from drones creates a level of visual intrigue that is hard to match. Drone videos allow aerial tours of the property and its grounds that were impossible to achieve before. This gives potential buyers a new perspective on the property and buyers can even view how the property sits within its surroundings. Drones are commonly used for larger properties, and are a useful tool when photographing a property that’s situated in a difficult position. If the property is situated close to a road, for example, it can be difficult to get a wide angle.

How can they give you the edge when selling

Video has become a hugely popular medium in today’s society and through social media, and many people would rather watch a video than read about an event. This just goes to show the power of video and highlights how it can attract the attention of potential buyers. By creating a promotional drone video of your property, you can gain an edge over the competition. Drone filming can help to sell your home with an enticing video that shows the property in all its glory. It also gives people a much more accurate perception of your property and can convince people to come and visit for a closer inspection.

  • Encompassing aerial views of the entire property and land
  • Confirming condition of the roof and other property features that are difficult to access
  • What the drive home or the kids’ walk to school looks like
  • The neighborhood and surrounding area, including the home’s proximity to amenities